Image from Huffington Post

Image from Huffington Post

On common complaint among aesthetic and medical practices is: why invest in video when no one is going to see it? It’s a good question and one that is worth investigating.

The challenge for aesthetic and medical practices is that their subject is fairly to extremely dry. Even the most well-produced videos often lack that certain element that lends itself to being shared. What is that element? Humor

Think about the last YouTube link a friend or family member shared with you. Chances are they sent you something that they found funny. But how can a plastic surgeon or med spa work humor into their videos? And how should you go about it?

Let me start by pointing out that before you even consider this approach you should have some “serious” videos already live. These videos should be very high quality and highlight the practice’s quality staff and service. Additionally, having many patient testimonial videos will help with your credibility. If you’re just starting out with video and YouTube for your practice here are some tips.

Once you have a solid core of videos that help solidify your brand you can explore the humor angle. I’m sure many doctors are wondering, “How can I make breast augmentation funny?” The short answer is, you can’t (without it coming across as tacky). The best topics for humorous videos are the non-surgical treatments you offer.

Focus on treatments such as laser hair removal, botox/fillers and body contouring. Now think about the “in-home” ways people attempt treat themselves. That’s where you can work in the humor. Wrinkles themselves aren’t funny, but the remedies people come up with to treat them can be. That’s how you work in humor.

Of course, having a hilarious video isn’t enough. You need to have the means to get eyeballs on it. This is part of the reason why having a YouTube channel with other videos on it is important. However, to really push your video to get more views you need to advertise. The good news is that Facebook and YouTube ads are pretty cost-effective when compared to Google Adwords. Here are some additional tips top help grow your YouTube channel and videos.

So how do I get started? If you’re interested in learning more about how you can create viral videos, as well as other high-quality videos, then talk to Turbo today! Just leave us a note here or call us directly at 877-673-7096 x2.