streamlining marketing Marketing is a vital part of every cosmetic and medical practice, but it takes time. In this article I have some tips for helping your practice streamline its marketing. By implementing some or most of these processes you’ll get into a groove, which will cut down on the time you spend marketing and boost your ROI.

1) Come up with a central theme for each month: simplify your marketing by tailoring promotions, blogs, videos, etc to one particular service or treatment each month. You can even incorporate a charitable angle with this approach. For example, in September you can focus on skin rejuvenation for sun damage accrued during the Summer. You could work in some kind of campaign to raise money and awareness for skin cancer as well.

2) Create a marketing calendar: this will help you plan things out in advance. A simple spreadsheet with columns for each marketing tactic is all that you need to get started. If you’ve got your theme for each month picked out this process will be even easier. A Google shared doc will allow as many people as you’d like to access the calendar, and if necessary, make edits.

3) Have set deliverables to accomplish each month: having action items is key. It keeps your marketing consistent and ensures that you’re not missing anything. Set goals for how many blogs, videos, press releases, emails, etc that you’d like to produce in a given month. If executed well, you’ll see more engagement, visibility, and traffic to your website over time.

4) Automate things: make it easier on you and your staff by creating auto-responders for leads that come in, as well as auto follow-up messages for patients that come in. The more quickly you can get back to a hot lead the better chance you have at getting them in for a consultation. Similarly, with a patient who’s just come in for a treatment you’re most likely to get a review from them if you reach out to them right after they’ve come into the office.

5) Take notes: keep track of the questions patients are asking about your services. These FAQs are great blog topics that’ll not only help you gain rankings for these searches, but you can also direct patients to these blog posts to further educate themselves. For more tips on topics for blog articles check out this article.

6) Use a singular, trusted digital marketing agency to help with all of your efforts: it may seem intuitive to outsource each different marketing arm to a different “expert.” One company to handle SEO, one to handle advertising, one to handle social media, etc. The problem is that there’s so much overlap with these services that one can definitely influence another, and this often lead to squabbling between different agencies. Also, communication is inevitably more difficult. This is why I recommend you find a singular agency that can handle all of your online efforts. Keep in mind that you should consider a trusted agency for this work, not a domain registrar or hosting company, as I mentioned in this blog article.

These are just a few ideas to help your practice stay organized and on top of your marketing. For some additional in-house marketing strategies check out this article. If you’d like to learn more about how you can improve your practice’s marketing leave us a message here. For a quicker response please call 877-673-7096 x2.