What Makes the New Turbo Gallery Unlike Any Other Tool

/What Makes the New Turbo Gallery Unlike Any Other Tool

What Makes the New Turbo Gallery Unlike Any Other Tool

The new photo gallery plugin is here! After months of hard work, we’re officially launching the Turbo Gallery plugin! You can check out a detailed breakdown of all the features, including FAQs and MD testimonials, by clicking here. You can also check out a detailed video here:

We’ll officially start promoting the plugin with webinars next week, so click here to sign up to learn more about this amazing new plugin.

So what makes this photo gallery plugin so special?

  1. Dynamic filtering: this is arguably the coolest feature. You can select an unlimited number of filters for any procedure to allow patients to drill down to more relevant cases. After all, a 43 year old woman who’s had several children and is considering a breast augmentation would like to see examples of other similarly aged and sized women, especially those who’ve had children. It simply makes the results more relevant and valuable to the patient.filters
  2. Ease of use: there’s no need to run to your developer and pay exorbitant hourly fees just to upload a new case. You or your staff can upload new cases seamlessly. The integrated cropping tool makes it easy to re-size images, and the taxonomy structure makes the organization simple.
  3. Full search engine optimization: there may be some photo gallery plugins that allow you to manually enter in a title tag and meta description, but Turbo takes it a step further by adding global SEO settings that pull all relevant data to auto populate your titles and descriptions. Even better, you can specific your location to have that automatically entered in the title tag and meta description for optimal visibility in your metropolitan!
  4. Mobile responsiveness: like search engine optimization, your site may be technically “responsive,” but exactly does it respond. Do they before and after images respond by stacking on top of each other? Turbo’s gallery keeps images side-by-side and ensures optimal visibility for all case data regardless of the screen size you’re viewing on.
  5. Image watermarking: there’s nothing worse as a practice than someone else stealing your content, particularly your before & after photos, which is why we added a watermarking tool. Simply upload your logo and it’ll automatically be added to every photo!


For how great WordPress is we found that it was lacking a high quality before & after gallery plugin. Given that the photo gallery page is often the most viewed page on your website you deserve a tool that help you stand out and generate more new patients!

If you’re interested in purchasing the plugin please click here. If you’d like to learn more and check out an upcoming webinar click here. As always, you can contact Turbo directly with any questions by dropping us a line here or calling 877-673-7096 x2.

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