2-Way Text Messaging for Your Practice!

At Turbo, we are always pushing to help our practice partners with technology that can help streamline communications and scheduling with communication platforms that consumers demand!  Our latest partnership with ZipWhip is no exception to this.

There has been a significant increase in businesses and consumers communicating via Text (SMS), and we know this is critical in ensuring that leads are not wasted due to the wrong channel being used to interact.

Please take time to review the benefits and features of ZipWhip and lets get this kicked off!

Practice Friendly Features

  • No personal phone numbers being used

  • Multiple operators on the same phone number

  • Web Based and Desktop Apps

  • iPhone and Android Apps

  • Templated Responses and Signatures

  • Scheduled Texts (Appointment Reminders or Scheduling Reminders for next Treatment)

Integrations & Automation

  • Automatic Outbound Texts to Form Responses

  • Form Contact Details Imported into ZipWhip

  • After Hours Autoresponses

  • Keyword Based Autoresponses