When it comes to marketing, nothing beats in-person, in-house events. What better way to present yourself and your staff to patients and showcase not only your practice, but your knowledge?

Don’t get me wrong, you need to have great search engine optimization in order to be found online. You also need to be blogging to build up your credibility and help with SEO. Being active and engaging on Facebook & Twitter will make you more accessible, another important quality to have. But there’s only so much you can say online. Marketing in-person gives you the ability to more quickly establish the “know, like, trust” factor that we typically associate with social media marketing.

Consider hosting a seminar where you can educate your patients on a particular cosmetic service you offer. A PowerPoint slideshow is typically the best medium to present to a crowd. Plan for about an hour, but keep the presentation under an hour to give you some time to answer questions. Also, if applicable, you can even do live demonstrations to show people who a certain treatment works. This can be a laser, radiofreuqency, a peel, or even injectables.

You’ll want to give people an incentive to come, other than to simply be educated. Consider offering a discount off products or services for all attendees, and maybe even bigger discounts or a free product for those who invite a friend.

Consider sending out personal invitations to your patient base, and get the message out via email, Facebook, Twitter and your blog. Having a big sign in your lobby the weeks leading up to the event will also help. You can even consider advertising in a local newspaper or magazine to see if that will stir up interest. Just make sure your track your results well in order to analyze your ROI.

One final tip for hosting an in-house seminar is to look for partners. If you’re a plastic surgery center that does not offer non-invasive services, find a local med spa to team up with. If you have a med spa then consider partnering with a hair salon, nail salon or beauty-related local business. These are not competitors and you can help refer business to one another by cross-promoting.

I recommend you host a seminar at least a few times a year and as much as once-a-month, if they’re successful. Make sure that no attendees leave empty handed. Give them brochures, gift certificates or products as a “thank you” for coming. Finally, be sure to tell them to find you on Facebook & Twitter, because there are even more discounts awaiting them there!

Remember, marketing is not selling. You have to build a relationship in order for patients to want to do business with you. Be welcoming, charismatic and informative and you will see results.

If you have any questions about hosting a seminar at your medical practice, or about developing a comprehensive marketing strategy, leave Turbo a message here or call us directly at 877-673-7096 x2.