Online video sites are one of the best places to gather an audience, as it is a must have in today’s Marketing World. Video Marketing, along with blogging, is leading the new wave of marketing, classified as Social Media Marketing. This new form allows the video creator a way to communicate with their audience on multiple levels: visual imagery, text, music, or the spoken word.

At this point you may be asking yourself how this would benefit anyone in the Medical fields, and my question to you is: “How could it not?” Video sites are a great way for many Doctors, Chiropractors and Cosmetic Surgeons to get their name out there with minimal investment. Online videos give the author a chance to reach a huge audience, for little money, which in turn creates an astounding ROI. Medical Professionals can talk about their practice, much like a commercial would, and drive traffic to their website. After somebody watches their video, and visits their site, the likelihood of that prospect turning into a client is much greater.

All of the Video sites, such as Youtube, Vimeo and Kewego, are free sites and the videos get watched by thousands if not millions of people… that is if everything is done right. Anyone can get their video on these sites, but it is another thing to get a following and get people to comment and create buzz around your video. Which is why many people are turning to the experts (that’s us!). When a video is done right, it is much easier to be found.

Video Marketing is a powerful tool because of its engagement potential, SEO value, and measurement opportunities.  There are specific steps professionals should take to make their video as popular as possible and we have the tools to manage those steps.  Remember to choose content that is informative and connects with the viewer. And recognize the power of the platforms that surround you. Online video is a powerful marketing tool if used correctly.