The Most Visited Pages on Aesthetic Websites and How You Can Improve Them

/The Most Visited Pages on Aesthetic Websites and How You Can Improve Them

The Most Visited Pages on Aesthetic Websites and How You Can Improve Them

When evaluating a website one of the first things we look for are the calls to action. These will help push visitors to act and convert into leads. A well-placed call to action is something that you should see on every page, but there are certain pages where you should go above and beyond, specifically, on the pages that get the most traffic.

Which pages tend to get the most traffic? I realize this will vary depending on the links you include in your main navigation, but here are the top pages we’ve seen over the past couple years:

  1. Home page: this is pretty obvious. The home page is almost always the most common landing page for any practice. However, in some cases it’s not the most viewed page. Why? See #2.
  2. Photo Gallery: no matter what type of gallery you have, as long as you’re promoting it in the main navigation this will likely be one of the most visited pages on your website. If you happen to be using a gallery software that creates individual pages for each category, sub-category, and case (such as Turbo’s WordPress before & after plugin), then you’re infinitely increasing the number of pages to get indexed and visited. This will often result in the photo gallery section of the site being by far the most viewed part of your website.
  3. Specials: we’re all drawn to specials to save money, which is why this page tends to get a lot of traffic
  4. About Us: what makes you different? How experienced are you? Where did you get your education and training from? What board certifications do you hold? These are questions patients are looking to answers, especially when evaluating a plastic surgeon.
  5. Showcase and embed reviews

    Showcase rand embed reviews

    Reviews: when making decisions about purchasing products or services most people will look for reviews. This is why you should be actively trying to grow your 3rd party reviews and not simply throw up quotes from patients. Think about embedding your Yelp and Real Self reviews. You’ll also want to link out to review sites where patients can read more or write a review for you.

  6. Top procedure: Your top procedures will often attract a lot of patients. Branded treatments such as Botox or Coolsculpting grab people’s attention, as do general procedures, such as laser hair removal or breast augmentation. By exploring which procedures get a high or low amount of traffic you might shed some light on your organic visibility for that keyword.

So how can you improve these pages to generate more leads?

Example of nice banner, video and lead box

Example of nice banner, video and lead box

  1. Evaluate and improve the copy: is it enticing and interesting? Are you selling the benefits or just regurgitating copy from another boring website?
  2. Customize the call to action: You might have a web form in the top right corner of all pages on you site with a free consultation” call to action. That’s good; however, might want to consider customizing this to make it relevant for a specific procedure page.
  3. Embed video:  first you’ll need work on creating more interesting video (which you easily can produce from your phone). If you have that you’ll definitely want to work it into relevant pages. It can help to not only break up the text, but provide social proof.
  4. Add or improve upon images: Consider embedding some of your before & afters on pages. Work in attractive banners as well. Like video, this will help break up the text and make the page appear more visually appealing.
  5. Implement lead boxes: You can also create an embed lead boxes, which are calls to action that – if clicked – will bring up a pop up box where a patient can fill out their info. These are nice to have on landing pages that get a lot of mobile traffic since your sidebar form likely “responds” by dropping below the content, making it hard to get to if you have a lot of content.

Do you need help beefing up your website’s calls to action, or do you simply need a better strategy for lead generation as a whole? Talk to Turbo today! Give us a ring at 877-673-7096 x2 or leave us a note here.




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