improve calls to actionThe key to practice growth is lead generation. Without new leads revenue will suffer, and order to generate more leads you need to either increase traffic or increase conversion rates.

We’ve written several articles lately about conversion rates, including tools your practice can use to improve your breast augmentation consultation conversion rate, as well as which conversion rates to be aware of and tracking. I want to focus this article entirely on website conversion rates. More specifically, why your website isn’t converting.

1) Lack of calls to action: this is one of the most crucial elements of an aesthetic practice website. You need to have well-placed forms with timely calls to action in order to facilitate lead growth. You don’t need to even offer “free consultations” to inspire action; many doctors don’t. Instead offer a discount of the consultation and a way that that investment can be applied toward a treatment cost, should the patient choose to invest. It helps to have additional calls to action to help grow your email list as well.

2) Slow load times: you may already be aware that slow page load times can affect your website’s search engine rankings. Well, they can also affect your user experience. This means making sure you not only choose the right hosting provider, but also take simple steps to minimize image sizes, CSS, and javascripts. If your pages are loading slowly you risk potential patients leaving (and not coming back).

3) Outdated theme: your website is an extension of your practice, and it should reflect the beauty and grace your office does. If your website looks outdated, it may turn people off. You want quality content, but not an overload of content. You want large images, but not just stock photos. Websites evolve every few years, so it’s common to start on a new website and have it look slightly outdated by the time you get it live. I’d aim to refresh your website every 3-5 years, but make sure you update your photo gallery, blog and testimonials monthly.

4) Poor navigation: like a slowly loading page this can frustrate patients. Avoid drop down menus that open up with sub-menus, or even sub-sub-menus. Think about your navigation on mobile devices too. How easy is it for patients to find and look at your photo gallery and different procedure pages?

5) No social proof: besides your photo gallery, social proof is what patients want to see before making a buying decision. Are you highly rated? If not, you need to focus on generating more reviews, starting with your VIP patients. Ask them if they wouldn’t mind if you shot a quick video of them giving a testimonial. If you are highly rated, and you have video testimonials, make sure you show them off and let people know.

If you’re having trouble generating leads from your website, or simply driving traffic to your website, then we can help! Contact Turbo to see how we might be able to help your practice by dropping us a note here or calling us directly at 877-673-7096 x2.