New Google AdWords Extensions

In late July, Google officially moved over to its new and improved AdWords interface. The interface had been available for months, being touted as “faster” than the previous interface. While I question the speed improvement, there are certainly several new features that the new interface offers.

One of the notable updates was the overhaul of the Extensions. If you’re unfamiliar with Extensions, they come in different formats, but each is designed to provide additional information to the prospective patient to encourage a click. As you can see in the graphic below, your ads can highlight your address, list your services, list popular links on your website, and list calls outs.

Google AdWords Extensions

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  • Reviews: Google has phased out the Reviews extension. This extension would show approved patient reviews, pulled from sources like Google or Real Self (but not Yelp). I still see this extension showing in live results, but since it’s no longer an option in the new interface I expect these to disappear.
  • Promotions: This is a new extension that allows you to list a discount, percentage or monetary, for any service. If you’re promoting a procedure and your call to action is a discount then you can utilize the promotions extension to highlight this deal. You no longer have to rely solely on ad text, and the one big advantage over noting discounts in the ad text is that with the extension you can set start and stop dates. With ad text, you have to set a reminder in your calendar and then go in and manually edit or pause the ad.
Promotion Extension

Example of how to use Promotion Extension

  • Message: If you have a phone number set up to receive text messages then this is another great tool to use in your ads. Patients who prefer texting can you can set this extension to show the number to text for specific hours during the week.
  • Price: This is similar to the Promotions extension, except that it’s designed to display multiple prices for different products or services without highlighting any discount. This extension seems more appropriate for businesses with lower-priced items, such as an auto shop that wants to highlight pricing for oil changes, tire rotations, and smog checks. However, if your practice competes on price then this might be an extension to consider. Keep in mind that you can use qualifiers such as “up to” or “from” so that your extension breast “Breast augmentation from $3,500,” for example.
Price Extension

Example of how to use Price Extension

You still have the classic Sitelinks, Callouts, Structured Snippets, Location, and Call extensions available, as I noted above. If your practice utilizes an app that you’re hoping to drive users to then you might consider the App extension as well.

What Else is New?

In addition to more extensions, Google has rolled out longer ad titles and descriptions! These Expanded Text Ads (ETAs) now include 3 headlines and 2 descriptions. The old ads will remain in place, but you now have the ability to showcase larger text ads, which Google’s testing found to generate 15% more clicks than other ad formats. More on this update to come!

Take the Next Step

Well-written ads with strong calls to action are a great start, but adding as many extensions as you can will help to enhance your ads and generate more clicks. If you’d like to learn more about extensions or utilizing Google AdWords then drop Turbo a note here or call us at 877-673-7096 x2.