If not, you should be. In many ways YouTube is more valuable than Facebook and Twitter. Why? Because as more and more potential patients do their research online they are relying on what other patients are saying before they commit to anyone financially.

Sure it’s great to have a “review” page on your website that lists all the different testimonials you’ve received; however, anyone could have written those testimonials, and your potential patients know this. That is why video testimonials are so valuable.

So how do you go about getting these video testimonials? Well, for starters you’ll need a recording device. We recommend the Kodak zi8 or the Flip Cam. Both record in HD and are reasonably priced under $200. I also recommend using a tri-pod, to keep the camera steady. Other than that all you need is a room sufficient lighting.

Once you have the basics you’ll need to know who to ask. You should know who your MVP patients are. You know, the one’s who have seen you multiple times and always sing your praises. These are great people to ask to help get some initial videos produced. Over time you’ll need to add ‘recording patient videos’ to your process for following up with patients after their surgery or procedure.

It is important to edit these videos so that they’re branded with you practice name, as well as the doctor’s name. There should also be a “call to action” on every video, and that can be either your website address or an 800 #. The videos should also be optimized and added to the practice YouTube channel. Finally, the videos should be syndicated to other video marketing websites besides YouTube, such as Viddler and Vimeo.

The goal is not only to promote your YouTube channel as a place where patients and potential patients can go and hear success stories, but also for the videos to show up in search engines. When someone searches for the doctor’s name + review they want 3rd party feedback. This includes videos, and there is arguably nothing more powerful than having multiple patient testimonials videos rank on search engines when someone is searching for reviews of the practice.

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