One of the latest projects that we’ve been working on with a ton of success is Dr. Troy Don’s website on Zerona Laser Liposuction, Dr Don has his offices located in Los Angeles CA and he offers a new procedure that is a Non-Surgical Liposuction using a product called the Zerona Laser. This is a very new technology, and when Dr. Don came to me on this project, I found that there was a hole in the social media market. We built up the website, helped Dr. Don being blogging about this new laser lipo technology and the procedure. Then we optimized all of the work he was doing for the search engines. When “The Doctors” TV show did a special on the Zerona Laser, Dr Don’s site had only been finished for 3 or 4 days. That day, he received over 330 hits.   We also helped Dr Don prepare and submit a Search Engine Optimized Press Release which has helped his rankings soar in the search engines.  To hear more about what Dr. Don says about the work we did for him, watch the video below.

Also, to be a good sport and show that what Dr Don is saying about the last week’s activity on his website is true, I’ve included a PDF report from Google Analytics that has his stats over the last week…truly amazing! Thank You Dr Don for your support and allowing us to share your story!

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Article by Matthew Arndt, President, Turbo Medical Marketing